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Many homeowners can avoid costly repairs if they incorporate garage door maintenance routines. It is not you top priority to do overhead door maintenance, but if you do not then you will be calling a garage door service repair company like Garage Repair of Pasadena, TX to fix your garage door. This could cost you a lot of extra money that could have been saved if you would have performed garage door maintenance once a month. Here are some overhead door service maintenance tips that you as a homeowner can do yourself.

Check All Moving Parts

Checking to make sure all moving parts are moving correctly and functioning properly will help you determine if you need professional overhead door service or if you can save some money by doing the garage door maintenance yourself. All you will be looking for is to make sure that there are no broken or bent parts that need to be fixed or replaced. If there are, then you want to have your garage door serviced by an industry professional.

Simple Lubrication

You can use a non-silicon-base lubricant on the garage door rollers and other parts. By doing this you will ensure that the rails, axels hinges and springs are all lubricated and functioning properly. This simple overhead door maintenance does not take a lot of your time, can be done once a month and helps prevent unnecessary garage door service calls. You would be surprised how doing this simple task can add to the longevity of your garage door parts.

A Clean Wipe

Another easy part of the garage door maintenance that will help keep your garage door functioning properly is by wiping don the garage door rails. This simple overhead door maintenance helps clearfix buildup and debris form the garage doors rails. Many overhead door service calls come from buildup a debris that is found in the garage doors rails. These unnecessary garage door service calls can be avoided by wiping down the rails once a month which as a result will save you a large amount of money.

Checking the Weather Seal

The weather seal is very important in not only keeping out debris from your garage, but it also regulates the temperature by helping keep out heat and cold. If you notice that the garage door weather seal is cracked or falling off, then it may be time to replace the garage door weather seal. Having a loose garage door weather seal could also become a safety hazard. Always hire a garage door service professional to replace your garage door weather seal to make sure it is attached properly.

These are simple overhead maintenance tips that you can perform monthly that will add longevity the life of your garage door and limit your overhead door service calls. If you live in the Pasadena, TX area and need assistance with your garage door, contact Garage Repair of Pasadena, TX to go over your garage door service needs.

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