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The Best 5 Durable Floor Tiles for Kitchen Flooring

You have to deliberate about choosing the right floor tiles that can serve kitchen purposes for kitchens. Unlike a few other rooms in a home, a kitchen is a busy place that experiences a lot of wear and tear, not once a day but at least three times in a given 12 hours. You must expect several drops, spills, and drips between these hours, including kitchen utensils. How about the constant plod of feet of people coming in and out? The kitchen needs highly durable floor tiles that can withstand the above-listed threats and remain vibrant and solid 

Having established that fact, you will agree that not every floor tile can suit the kitchen. Unless you want to make unnecessary expenses on repairs and replacement from time to time, you will consider it reasonable to choose the right floor tiles for this busy space carefully.

The selection process is more tedious because some kitchen floor tiles are more durable than others. More so, some require less maintenance and are more resistant to stains, while others can be less enduring and more fragile. To make a knowledgeable decision in the market, you need to ensure that your choice balances your preferred style with functions and comfort. 

To save you from investing your hard-earned wrongly, here are the five most durable kitchen floor tiles that can withstand the pressure of the kitchen’s activity.

1. Ceramic Floor Tiles 

Ceramic floor tiles are among the most common flooring options used in kitchens and other high-traffic areas. They are exceedingly durable and sturdy. These strong floor tiles are made using natural clay shaped, glazed, and fired under high heat. These durable floor tiles are highly resistant to water and stains. With that feature, you can confidently do anything in your kitchen space with the peace of mind that nothing would go wrong with your kitchen flooring. Ceramic floor tiles are also resistant to heat. That means you don’t have to worry about scratching, cracking, and breaking as you cook and several kitchen utensils drop on the floor. 

Ceramic floor tiles can last for several years, retaining their initial good-looking shape even after experiencing consistent punishment from heat, water, and stains. These durable floor tiles are available in different colors, sizes, textures, and styles. What does that mean? They offer more aesthetic benefits aside from durability. The multiple color option presents you with a wealth of design options. It is most likely that you will find the color of your home décor. 

Ceramic floor tiles can mimic other flooring materials like stone and wood. Based on your interest, you can arrange the tiles in a unique form that will be hard for people to tell it apart from other flooring materials. 

Ceramics floor tiles also have a few cons. They come with a hard surface that will be harsh for the feet and become cold at little exposure to a cool breeze. The best way to overcome this drawback is to install an effective heating system under the tiles.

2. Concrete Floor Tiles

Concrete floor tiles are among the most durable flooring options for the kitchen. If your home does not have a basement and you have to go to the ground level to use your kitchen, concrete floor tiles may be the perfect choice for you. 

These floor tiles are very affordable and long-lasting flooring materials. As expected, you might already have a solid concrete slab under your kitchen floor. Without properly installing concrete floor tiles to secure the ground, the underneath concrete slab might become exposed very soon. 

Concrete floor tiles are not only used for durability; they also come with an attractive polished surface that makes your kitchen space a desired place to stay for longer hours. When you take proper care of your concrete floor tiles, they can become an impressive work of art that adds value to your kitchen.

Concrete floor tiles are low-maintenance flooring options appropriate for a modern luxurious kitchen. Like any other flooring option, there are some cons to concrete floor tiles. The hard surface can be harsh and cold underfoot. Another drawback of concrete floor tiles is that they can project an industrial aesthetic which can be a main setback when selling the property.

3. Natural Stone Floor Tiles 

Natural stones are durable. No one can gainsay that fact. In most luxury homes, natural stone floor tiles are more popular. They are more considered durable kitchen flooring options available. Natural stone floor tiles create a more luxurious look and feel, which becomes a unique selling point for home homeowners when it’s time to sell the property.

Natural stone floor tiles are strong enough to withstand hectic kitchen activities. You can ensure that your kitchen floor is safe as you cook and heat circulates the entire space. 

There are types of natural stone floor tiles. Each type has its unique properties and advantages. here’s a list of the available category:

  • Granite
  • Limestone 
  • Marble 
  • Sandstone 
  • Slate 
  • Travertine 

Natural stone floor tiles also have their different cons. The most prevalent among the different types is that they are all porous. By implication, they are more susceptible to liquid stain and water penetration which can be a significant problem in the kitchen. Suppose you want to enjoy the fantastic benefits of these durable floor tiles. In that case, you will have to protect the stone with sealers very frequently.

4. Vinyl Floor Tiles

These floor tiles are among the most versatile kitchen flooring options. They are artificial kitchen tiles resistant to stains, cracks, and damage. You don’t have to fret about water issues with vinyl floor tiles on your kitchen floor. If your vinyl floor tiles get dirty, all you have to do is o make a quick sweep or mop with clean water mixed with a gentle soap. 

Vinyl floor tiles are very affordable and easy to maintain. You can also install it yourself without the aid of a professional tile installer. These floor tiles are ideal for the kitchen and other high-traffic areas in a home. Suppose you are keeping an extended family, or you always invite a bunch of fun-loving guesses. In that case, you need to consider installing vinyl tile on your kitchen floor. You can read about The Most Common Mistake to Avoid When Laying Ceramic Floor Tiles by clicking here.

Final Words 

Your kitchen deserves solid and durable flooring that can stay shining after enduring a series of threats from water, liquid stains, heat, and some acidic foods. You can’t afford to invest your money in fragile floor tiles that wouldn’t last long. Hence, choosing the above-listed kitchen flooring options will be an intelligent decision.